5 things your payment processor says about youEcommerce businesses wishing to establish themselves as a global brand often pay scant regard to the choice of payment processor. Taglines, logos, and ‘storefronts’ are all important, of course, but have you considered what your payment processor says about you? With two thirds of online shopping carts abandoned at the checkout, perhaps it’s time to give some serious thought as to the message you want you payment processor to send to your customers?

Here are five things your payment processor tells your customer about you:

  • Your payment processor shows you understand your customer

Your customers want to be able to pay easily and by a variety of card based methods. They don’t want a cumbersome payment processor with hidden charges added.

  • Your payment processor tells your customer that they are your priority

Customers use a variety of methods to access ecommerce businesses, including mobile. They can search by payment methods, too. If you make the customer feel important by being willing to accept a variety of payment methods, the customer is more likely to find you and shop with you.

  • Your payment processor shows you are an efficient ecommerce business

When customers are able to pay for your goods in a number of currencies, from anywhere, and in a variety of ways, they will see you as being an efficient, modern business. You’ll also receive payment more quickly. If your payment processor works smart, then so do you.

  • Your payment processor should be flexible for a lifetime

Whatever your industry, your ecommerce business is best served by a flexible payment processor, able to offer customers a variety of payment options which will allow them to remain loyal as their preferred payment methods evolve over time.

  • Your payment processor tells your customers you are modern and innovative

Business needs change, as will those of your customers. Offering online and mobile payment options shows your customers you are a modern innovative ecommerce business willing to adapt model for the most important cog in the transaction mill – the customer.

With options for fully customisable payment processor integration into your ecommerce business, North Payments are leading the way in helping ecommerce businesses improve brand imaging. If you would like to know how the choice of payment processor affects your customers and branding, then contact North Payments today.

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