Secure Card DetailsWith the Heartbleed bug hitting headlines on a daily basis, it’s more important now than ever before for online businesses to offer secure online payment services to assure their customers that their card details are safe.

A customer wouldn’t expect a shop assistant to print full card details on their receipt, nor to include card expiry details. It’s important that online payment security is set up to safeguard customers’ data in the same way. More so than any other form of business, the reputation of (online) payment security is essential to long-term profitability.

Here are five ways in which you can protect your customers’ card data, ensure secure online payment, and protect your reputation when doing business online.

  1. Don’t store unnecessary cardholder details: have your merchant account setup alternative data, rather than use full card account numbers for chargebacks
  2. Limit access to your in-house computers, and regularly change passwords
  3. Destroy cardholder details that are no longer needed
  4. Make sure all of your computers and servers benefit from updated anti-virus software
  5. Only use business computers for business – don’t use them to surf the web or access web-based emails

Don’t limit your online payment security measures

When considering how to ensure the security of online payments, your external partners, merchant accounts, and payment gateway provider, will play a big part in your reputation. It’s important to ensure you use only those providers with the highest reputations themselves.

Here are three other things you must do, and that will help you to maintain the security of your customers and secure your eCommerce business.

  • When using a payment gateway, ensure that it does offer secure online payment and that it meets PCI DSS certification standards
  • Change any default IDs and passwords that have been set up by the payment gateway provider, and those set up by any merchant account services
  • Make certain that all employees create unique IDs and complex passwords. Set up your system to enforce regular password changes

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