Payment Gateway SecurityYour ecommerce business relies on the payment gateway you use to provide payment solutions to your customers. When you go global, payment gateway options are even more important.

Your website is the first point of contact your customers have with you, but it is your payment gateway that allows customers to buy and pay for goods. Security, reliability, and trustworthiness are the three features your customers will expect from your website and online payments provider.

What your customer wants from your global payment gateway

Savvy customers expect high levels of online payment options before they will buy form you.

  • Dynamic currency conversion (DCC)

A global payment gateway will allow customers to buy businesses and services from your website using dynamic currency conversion. Whatever the price of your product, your customer will know the exact price in their currency – that’s a service that has been proven to boost international customer conversion.

  • Online payment protection

A payment gateway with extra security features not only protects your business but also increases customer confidence. Extra payment options with transaction safety guarantees reduces drop-off rates (when customers get to the point of payments and then decide to back away from a purchase).

  • Security of card processing

While online payment by card is the most popular method of customer transactions, many people – particularly those of a ‘certain age’ – are reluctant to make online payments. By clearly explaining the extra online security your payment gateway provides and how it helps the customer – CVC, additional bank verifications (such as Verified by Visa), and the like – you will help to increase customer confidence and loyalty, as well as increasing your potential customer base.

Getting the best ROI on your online business

Having a well-designed website, with great products at competitive prices will help establish you as a go-to online retailer. Encouraging customer loyalty with extras such as online forums and online help facilities will help your business, too.

But without a global payment gateway which offers customers flexibility of choice and certainty of security, your ecommerce business will be limited in its growth potential in an unlimited market.

Read more about payment gateways and how they can help your business here.

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