5 things to do online businessWhen you enter the world of conducting business online, you’ll need to be able to accept secure online payments processed through a merchant account. However, for most customers this is the least of their concerns. Here we look at the five factors of eCommerce that will make customers want to click ‘buy’ with you rather than your competitors – even if your competitor is one of the ‘big boys’.

1. Online merchants must offer users the best experience to win

Your website design, from home page to shopping cart and payment gateway integration, must not only look good but also work logically. A recent survey by Effective Measure showed that nearly a quarter of customers rank website design as their top factor when spending online.

Your products should be easy to locate and easy to pay for with secure online payment processing.

2. Online merchants must ensure online pricing is competitive

According to the same survey, nearly two thirds of online buyers surf the net for the products they want because of price sensitivity: they expect to find a bargain. Combine great prices with well-written descriptions and quality product images, and you will enhance the online shopping experience still further.

3. Get close to your customers for online merchant success

As an eCommerce business, you have a unique opportunity to collect customer contacts and market directly to them. Nearly a fifth of online buyers spend money online at least once a month, yet many online retailers ignore marketing and publicity as a requirement. A little money spent here will ensure your merchant account and payment gateway provider are kept busy processing plenty of purchases.

4. Be professional as an eCommerce business

Professionalism may start with your website design, but it also flows through your payment processing ability and your capability to deliver your products on time, every time. Amazon may be a huge multi-national company with superior distribution capability, but it is setting the standard that others must match.

Make your packaging and delivery professional, and customers will return again and again.

5. eCommerce customers are demanding more payment options

Online customers want more flexibility when it comes to making their secure online payments. They may wish to use vouchers and prepaid cards as well as credit and debit cards, and they are becoming more savvy when it comes to understanding the necessity of online payment security.

By partnering with a payment processor that has experience across multiple industries and which is able to design a bespoke payment gateway package, you will ensure that your eCommerce business succeeds in satisfying customer needs when it comes to their security of online payments, as well as ease-of-use.

Prepare to be successful as an online business

Ensuring you have a professional website that is easy to use from first login through to payment processing will put your eCommerce business at the forefront of the minds of your target customers. By knowing what the best in your business are doing, you’ll be able to plan your online business strategy to ensure you remain competitive and trusted throughout the online shopping experience.

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