Payment Gateway choices

There are plenty of online payment gateway services available today, but they won’t all help make your ecommerce business successful. You may have to spend weeks searching for the right one, speaking to various payment gateway providers before making your final decision. To help save valuable time, here are five elements that you should ensure your payment gateway provides.

  • Competitive rates for payment gateways

Make sure your payment gateway provider offers competitive rates – this includes set-up, monthly fees, and transaction costs. Different providers will charge different rates for different types of clients, too.

  • Ensure your payment gateway handles multiple currencies

Your business will have a potential global client base, which will need to be able to transact through your payment gateway in the currency of their choice. You may not be global now, but if you have aims to be you’ll need to make sure you can transact in all available currencies. Upgrading later could be expensive.

  • Check compliance of your payment gateway

Your payment gateway provider must be PCI DSS compliant. Ask for documented confirmation, and ensure you let your customers know they are dealing with a secure company committed to protecting their data. Even large companies like Target and Home Depot in America can’t do that.

  • Check on your payment processing customer services

You’ll need your payment gateway provider to provide a top-notch customer service. Things go wrong, even with the best. A 24 hour customer service desk committed to your business will help your payment processing functionality and conversion rates.

  • Get a free quote for payment gateway services

Finally, ask your prospective payment gateway provider to give a free quote for its services and integration with your ecommerce offering. Call North Payments today to discuss your requirements, and make certain you have made the right choice of payment gateway provider.

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