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Summer is now at an end, and the summer sales on the high street and ecommerce business sites are well under way. Next stop on the rollercoaster of 2014 is Christmas – already less than four months away. If your ecommerce business is going to see bumper sales this year, now is the time to prepare. And just like getting ready for the big day at home, the to-do list needs to be worked through steadily if you’re going to have an unforgettable Christmas 2014.

With a possible lull in activity for a few weeks, now is the perfect time to prepare your eCommerce business for the Christmas rush. Here are four things that are musts for all ecommerce Christmas lists:

Take stock of you ecommerce business website for Christmas

Whether this year’s star start-up, or your ecommerce business has been going for a few years now, take a look at your website and make sure it does what you need it to do. Measure it against your competitors, and ask these questions:

  • Can customers access easily from mobile?
  • Does its look suit its purpose, yet remain appealing to customers?
  • Does it provide images of all your products for sale?

Is your shopping cart ready for Christmas?

With eighty percent of shopping carts abandoned at the checkout, take a long hard look at its functionality. Does it give visitors to your ecommerce business website the experience they desire and deserve? Go through the online shopping process yourself, and ask these questions as you do so:

  • Does your shopping cart show order status?
  • Does your shopping cart display items purchased?
  • Does your shopping cart post extras such as reviews and discounts?
  • Does your shopping cart make it easy for customers to buy?

Finally, having reviewed your shopping cart, ask yourself this final question:

  • Does my shopping cart need upgrading?

Are your website payment options commercial?

Today’s savvy surfers want a range of payment options available to them. If your ecommerce business only offers PayPal, or limits access to a single credit card provider, you are sure to be losing sales to your competitors. Take a long hard look, assess your customer needs first, and then ensure you cater to them by using a merchant account that is integrated with your ecommerce business to accept all forms of payment.

Are your customers safe to buy on your ecommerce business website?

We’ve had a number of online scares this year, perhaps the most dangerous of which was the Heartbleed virus. Your ecommerce business needs to be trusted by its users. You need to be on top of regulations at all times, and ensure your site benefits from SSL certification. Make sure you are PCI DS compliant at all times by using the services of a third party provider, cutting cost of administration and guaranteeing customer data safety.

If you want to see bumper Christmas sales through your ecommerce business, you need to prepare now. Your first step on the road to record Christmas profits is to ensure your website is fully optimised for Christmas. Kids send their wish list to Santa; send yours to North Payments and make sure your Christmas stocking is full of sales this year.

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