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We also understand that you are busy people, and there will be things you miss. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring to you all the news and views that matter in the world of eCommerce and payment processing.

Here is what has made us sit up and think over the last few days.

high risk merchant accounts … MasterCard and Visa are supporting host card emulation (HCE) which they say will drive the take-up of NFC-based services on mobile devices, including payments. HCE enables payments and …

Any business dealing online must have a merchant account to accept payment, typically by debit or credit cards. These accounts are allotted between a bank and a.

In the wake of some wide-ranging breaches in credit card data, Mastercard and Visa this month announced an initiative to increase payment security, including expanding chip technology in the U.S..

Nils, a security researcher at MWR, said: “MPOS is a promising technology with a growing market uptake, well suited for use in modern payment systems, but current implementations are not well designed from a security …

Consumers shell-shocked by the escalating size and frequency of payment card hacks like the one that recently struck Target aren’t likely to get much relief any time soon. If anything, security experts say, the situation will …

Eleanor Gendle, IET Managing Editor at The Journal of Engineering, said: “With banks routinely issuing contactless payment cards to customers, there is a need to raise awareness of the potential security threats. It will be interesting to see further research in this area and ascertain the implications for users of contactless technology with regards to theft, fraud and liability.” According to Paul Krause, Professor of Software …. User comments : 0. More news stories …

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