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Competition in the payment gateways space is similar to competition among banks, utilities, and supermarkets. There are always new and exciting offers, with money saving opportunities. But so often, just like with the man in the street and his current account, a merchant will not change its payment gateway. The trouble seems too much, and what happens if there is a disruption in service to customers?

If you have found that you could save considerable sums by switching to a new payment gateway, there is no need to delay. You could be offering customers a cleaner, more efficient service while enhancing your bottom line providing you follow a disciplined payment gateway switching process.

Four steps to changing your payment gateway

Four easy steps will see you reaping the benefits of your new payment gateway;

1 Keep your existing payment gateway active.

Configure the new gateway solution to run alongside old trusty. If you run into problems, your customers won’t notice a thing: your ecommerce site will still accept transactions so long as your old gateway is active.

2 Get your new payment gateway up and running

Configure your new payment gateway, ensuring it is set up correctly to integrate with the rest of your site.

3 Test the new payment gateway

A simple test will suffice. Place a transaction using your own credit card. You’ll find any issues jump out at you. If all goes well, cancel out the transaction.

4 You’re ready to switch!

If all has gone well, then you’re now ready to switch. It really is that easy. If you’re ready to switch, then you can do so straight away.  If you have some internal training to conduct, then you can disable the new payment gateway until you’re ready to replace the old.

If you want any further help or advice, contact North Payments today. The ideal payment gateway solution for your business is only an email away.

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