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Organic Growth and Acquisitions Support Strong Industry Outlook

First Data’s results were mixed, with first quarter revenue rising by 2% to $2.6 billion, with EBITDA growth of more than 10%. Its Merchant Solutions segments saw its revenues drop a fraction, though the slack was taken up by good numbers from both its Financial Services and International segments.

The average ticket price grew to $78, and the fall of 0.1% in its Merchant Solutions revenues seems to be entirely due to the continuing fall in cheque processing.

Heartland Payments announced record earnings, despite the bad weather that has been blamed for the dramatic fall in US GDP growth. SME card processing volume grew by nearly 4%, margins have increased, and the company also pointed to its strategy of selective acquisitions as continuing to add to double digit growth in new business. The company now expects to see full year revenues to grow by 8% to 10%.

Ingenico CEO, Philippe Lazare, said that, “Ingenico’s business activity has seen remarkable growth across all regions in which we operate. This performance is mostly based on our unique competitive positioning in a stronger market than expected.

“Moreover this performance demonstrates the relevance of our multi-local strategy: we have enhanced our leadership in China and in emerging markets, accelerated our deployment in North America and managed to successfully integrate Ogone, leader on digital payments.

“By deploying our fast and secure payment solutions across all distribution channels – in-store, on-line and mobile – we have more than ever assumed our role as facilitator for our customers in their interaction with consumers.”

The group now expects full year 2014 revenues to grow between 10% and 15%, and also to accelerate its investments in the second half of the year.

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