Ramp up with mobile payment processing

Whatever your business, you are no longer limited to closing deals at your office or retail business. Online payment processing became normal business practice a decade ago, but it is being rapidly replaced by the convenience and immediacy of mobile payment processing. You no longer need to carry around reams of paperwork. Instead, closing deals on your mobile or tablet means business can be conducted anywhere: concerts, over lunch, at markets, trade shows, and so on.

Lower your costs, close faster with mobile payment processing

Mobile payment processing has increased business closures among those who use it. It is easy to use, and transactions take seconds. It is also multi-functional: mobile payment processing can be used for payment by credit and debit card, chip and pin, and contactless payment systems.

With the ability to close deals at the point of negotiation, conversion rates are rising. Customers love the way a mobile transaction can be completed, and then they can phone their accounts department and an email confirming the transaction has already been received.

Convenient and sales enhancing

You don’t need to be a technological geek to adopt mobile payment processing, either. Your smartphone or tablet becomes a payment terminal. Essentially, you carry payment processing capability everywhere you go. Even surprise meetings present a sales opportunity.

This kind of convenience used to be dreamed about by businesses everywhere. Now it is at your fingertips, and only an email away. Get in touch with North Payments now, and find out how our mobile payment processing solution can enhance your business and give your sales reps the perfect closing opportunity anytime and anyplace.

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