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Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce business or building a retail venture from the ground up, we have the experience, professional network and services infrastructure to get you started and help you scale up. Here is everything you need to know to get started.

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You’ll need an Acquiring Bank to process your transactions. This bank will operate your Internet Merchant Account, evidenced by an internet Merchant ID (MID).

Banks have all sorts of different appetites for risk (and charge accordingly) – especially in the global internet economy. Indeed, plenty of startup businesses are not awarded that crucial Merchant ID.

We have relationships with a global network of acquiring banks and therefore we can cut out much of your legwork. We can advise on the ideal acquirer for your needs, help you in representing your case for a MID - and then broker a great deal for you on transaction rates.

We also have experience in e-commerce sectors traditionally seen as high risk, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if your proposition is beyond the ordinary.

Process any type of payment

Merchant Services

Meanwhile, NorthPayments is a Payment Services Provider in its own right. A PSP is the link between an e-commerce site and the credit card networks, so that when customers check-out their shopping cart and enter payment information, the payments can be authorised and collected for you. The money is then transferred into your Merchant Account for later payment into your specified bank account.

PSPs do more than just handle online credit card payments. They accept electronic payments from a range of other payment methods including bank transfers, debit cards and even vouchers. As a PSP, we typically process:

All this happens on our enterprise-grade payment gateway. As your PSP, we also insulate you against risks associated with these payment transfers.

Our rates for end-to-end payment gateway services are highly competitive, and of course, our gateway is resilient, reliable and secure to internationally recognised standards.

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