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NorthPayments has relationships with a vast range of banking institutions worldwide, so we are ideally placed to advise you on the ideal partner for your credit card processing needs.

It may help to think of picking a card processor as being rather like picking a mortgage: they come in different flavours, with different rates and often different extras (many providers include features like added security measures or currency conversion). Finding the right deal for your business can be challenging – and that’s where our industry knowledge can really help.

Equally, it’s a competitive market – and that means the banks really want your custom! We make it our business to find the right payment gateway for your business today and for the future.

Ask the right questions

Whilst NorthPayments can remove most of the pain, it’s well worth understanding the key issues. Here are the questions you should be asking:

  • Contract term: Is there a fixed term, or can you re-negotiate at will? A fixed term may be a problem when your business suddenly grows! (And yes – we do mean ‘when’…)
  • Limits: Are there limits on transaction sizes or throughput? And if so, what penalties may apply? Again, this could end up being a tax on your own success.
  • Pricing Policy: What will you pay, per transaction? Traditionally, processors split the world’s credit card into three bands, or tiers, and charged a different rate for each. This is slowly being replaced by “interchange plus” pricing, where the cost of a transaction is a small fixed fee (e.g. £0.10) plus a small percentage of the transaction value. Either way, you’ll want to know the cold, hard numbers.
  • Service requirements: Online retailers aren’t all the same, and neither are card processors. Many different bolt-on services are available, so itemise your exact needs; for example:
  • •  Mobile transaction facilities? •  Overseas orders / currency conversion? •  Recurring payments and subscriptions? •  Custom reporting requirements or back-office integrations?

In all these discussions, it pays to be realistic. If you overestimate your trading volume, you will likely pay over the odds (like buying a whole ocean liner to transport a family of four). If you underestimate your trading volume, again there will be penalties (like paying for extra tickets on the ocean liner at the last minute, because you only booked four tickets but a family of 40 turned up).

NorthPayments has ample experience with thousands of online ventures in a huge range of sectors; and an enviable record of developing commercial relationships which work for both you and your acquiring bank. We will help you work through the essential questions to build a payment profile which meets your needs today and flexes with you as you grow.

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