Security and Risk Management. Stay cool. We’ve got this.

Security is rightly going to be one of your greatest concerns. After all, it’s one of the biggest issues your customers care about, too. They expect you to keep their personal information secure. If it’s your priority to run a safe, tight ship, you can be sure that it’s our priority as well.

Keeping risk management pain-free

But handling transaction security is not just a case of locking down your website like Fort Knox. Instead, it’s a delicate balancing act:

  • You want fraudulent transactions to be identified and rejected, to protect your hard-earned money
  • But you don’t want to trouble genuine customers with layer upon layer of extra security questions – because each new process is an opportunity for them to abandon their shopping carts.
  • And automation is only cost-effective for you if the number of manual interventions to solve payment problems is minimised.

Multi-faceted protection

At North Payments, we express this balancing act in a very simple way: we want to enable your e-commerce venture, not frustrate it at every turn.

We want fraud management to be an insignificant, predictable and manageable part of your business, leaving you free to earn money.

We have therefore put in place best-of-breed multi-layered security protocols which use globally recognised standards to minimise both your financial risk and degree of manual intervention, including:

  • Payer authentication systems: NorthPayments supports all mainstream third party authentication systems, including 3D Secure, Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and SafeKey
  • Transaction monitoring: a real-time analytics suite which assesses each transaction on its merits to minimise fraud and manual exceptions. Our decision management systems are also flexible – designed to match the risk and customer profiles of your business.
  • Multi-level checks: we use blacklists, email address analyses and geographic flagging (among many other techniques) to identify suspicious transactions.
  • Velocity checking: looks out for an abnormally high number of transactions (both successful and failed ones) to spot fraud through either automated or scattergun purchase attempts.
  • Fraud alerts: get consumer-confirmed fraud notifications fast – in good time to hold shipments, cancel orders and minimise the risk of lost business or chargebacks.
  • PCI-DSS compliance and SSL: these are not just the industry standards you should expect, they also inspire confidence in your site users. You’ll get that essential padlock in the browser, and the right to use appropriate security logos on your payment pages.

The fight against fraudsters, especially online and across borders, is never over. The technology is evolving all the time, so you can also rest assured that our expert team is constantly monitoring the market for new developments in payment security. Whatever’s round the corner, we will continue to build maximum protection into your business.

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