Six things a payment gateway must deliver

A payment gateway provider can provide your ecommerce business with a range of different services and benefits. Depending upon the industry in which you operate and your business plan, it’s important that you discuss which payment gateway features are most important to you. Here at North Payments, our representatives have the experience to understand your requirements and how the choice of payment gateway now will affect your ability to expand in the future.

This article looks at the six basic functions your payment gateway should provide.

Payment gateways and shopping carts

It may be that you already have a shopping cart on your website. Your payment gateway provider will need to integrate with your shopping cart – if they’re not compatible you won’t be paid for your sales!

PCI DSS and your payment gateway

Your payment gateway provider will need to be PCI DSS compliant and remain so. Only then can you be certain you are complying with the law and your customers’ card details are secure. A payment gateway provider which provides regular blog content on its website is more likely to keep up-to-date with market news and legal developments.

Payment gateways that accept multiple cards

Your customers are likely to be based around the world – this global reach is one of the reasons you’re selling online, right? The problem is that many payment gateways won’t accept the range of cards needed to sell globally, or aren’t able to process online payments from different countries.

Payment gateways and recurring online payments

If you have a subscription or membership site, then you’ll need your payment gateway to process recurring payments without the customer having to logon and re-enter card details whenever a payment is due.

Payment gateways and virtual terminals

You may need the ability for customers to place orders over the telephone, in which case your payment gateway provider should also provide a virtual terminal, allowing your representative to log in and process payments.

Payment gateways and fraud prevention

Your payment gateway should be equipped with the latest anti-card fraud tools. Combined with PCI DSS compliance, a two-step verification process will help to instil trust in your site as well as reducing chargebacks.

If you’d like more information, or to discuss how a payment gateway provider will be able to help your business on its strategic path, our representatives are available to speak to you now.

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