What payment services are bestOnce you have taken the decision to sell online, you’ll need to be able to accept secure online payments. Your payment gateway will need to integrate with your business IT infrastructure, and you’ll have several factors to consider before arriving at the best solution when setting up a payment gateway. These will include:

  • Your IT capabilities
  • Your current requirements
  • Your plans for the future
  • Cost

What are the integration methods available

API integration with payment gateways

An API (application programming interface) is the most comprehensive and versatile method of adding secure payment services to your website. Though requiring a high degree of IT ‘comfort’, an API allows complete customisation of service, letting you offer a bespoke look and feel to customers.

Payment forms can also be personalised, allowing streamlining of the purchasing experience.

Though with many advantages, the onus will be on you to become SSL certified.

Payment forms and payment gateways

It is also possible to use a ‘pre-packaged’ payment form, which is generic in appearance and use. This is easy to set up, and will redirect payment to the gateway provider’s site. Once the transaction is complete, the customer is directed back to your site.

Plugins and payment gateways

A plugin is a ready-made payment application, easily downloaded to a website, which directs the customer to a payment form. They require no programming experience, and are easy to install. Though very generic, they are cost and time effective.

Take expert advice for payment service website integration

It is always advisable to discuss your requirements with a payment processing provider. Your concerns are likely to have been previously encountered, with experience used to provide the best solution for your needs.

Expert help will enable you to examine all your options, the level IT expertise required, and the costs before making your final choice. Don’t rush this process: you want an online secure payment solution that will satisfy the needs of your business both today and as you expand tomorrow.

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