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At the touch of a button (or with a flick of a finger on a screen) ecommerce customers today can access all the information they need to make their online shopping decision. It is getting more difficult to win ecommerce customers by price alone, and 24-hour product availability is commonplace. Amazon and their like opened up the ecommerce market for all, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate. Here we look at how the smaller ecommerce business can stand head and shoulders above the ‘big boys’.

Give your ecommerce customers the high street experience

Go into any high street store, and you’ll see a common layout. For example, impulse purchase items are always at the checkout. Service staff are trained to offer ‘add-ons’ (boot polish, anyone?).

Optimise you ecommerce site to give the ecommerce customer a store walk-through experience, and encourage those impulse purchases at the checkout. Let your layout replicate the ease with which shoppers can walk round a store, with signposts and offer notices. Allow your search engine to do the job of an in-store sales assistant, with keywords and questions answered at the click of a button.

Make sure your ecommerce shelves have the appeal of a shop window

Have you ever wondered why high street stores pay such high wages for the best window dressers? The appeal of your ecommerce site begins with its look. If you’re selling clothes, replicate the high street with on-model photography – it helps the ecommerce customer visualise. Consider 360 degree product angles. And why not add a few tips or hints to help customers get the best from your products (just like an in-store assistant would help).

In short, personalise your ecommerce to your target ecommerce customers.

Be prepared for mobile ecommerce customers

Studies have shown that more ecommerce customers are using smartphones to make their online purchases. The ability to shop while mobile is an advantage for all in this fast-paced world, and it is essential that your ecommerce site and payment processing options are optimised for the mobile solution. This includes all the way through to the checkout, with a shopping cart and payment gateway that makes it easy for your ecommerce customers to do buy from you.

Competing with the big-boys may seem like facing a mountain climb with a pair of slippers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how to be a real ecommerce winner:

  • Make your ecommerce customer experience a high street one
  • Offer great products in a shop window that is easy to navigate and interact with
  • Make the purchase process simple with a great payment gateway and payment processing partner

For more advice on how to win the ecommerce war and build the loyalty of your ecommerce customers, why not contact one of our representatives today? Whatever your ecommerce business, we have the experience to make a real difference.

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