Secure Payments, Payment Gateways, Merchant AccountsHere at North Payments we like to keep abreast of everything happening in the world of merchant services and secure payments. If it is something that will affect payment gateways, our customers, partners, shopping carts, and acquiring banks, we think you should know about it.

In Merchant Services, what matters to you matters to us

We also understand that you are busy people, and there will be things you miss. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring to you all the news and views that matter in the world of eCommerce and payment processing.

Here is what has made us sit up and think over the last few days.

This product image provided by Amazon shows Amazon Local Register, the company’s new credit-card processing device and mobile app designed to help

They can also create pure Payment Processing sites for a business that works similar … The beauty of allowing customers/clients to pay for their products and/or …

Dutton on Friday confirmed the Health department is gauging interest from the private sector on outsourcing the mammoth IT-based payments processing ..

Research from payment processing firm Worldpay says that Southampton supporters going to Liverpool for a game at Anfield or Goodison Park will pay 10% …

According to a white paper by payment processing company TSYS, one in five smartphone users have a mobile wallet installed on their phone but usage …

The most important factor in eCommerce security is payment authentication. … are savvy enough to look for signs that you’re using a secure payment gateway, ..

The new Yahoo Stores goes as far as any to achieve this end, even temporarily acting as a payment gateway, according to Kumar, so that new Internet retailers …

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