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Here at North Payments we like to keep abreast of everything happening in the world of merchant services and secure payments. If it is something that will affect payment gateways, our customers, partners, shopping carts, and acquiring banks, we think you should know about it.

Merchant Services that matter to you, matters to us

We also understand that you are busy people, and there will be things you miss. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring to you all the news and views that matter in the world of eCommerce and payment processing.

Here is what has made us sit up and think over the last few days.

But since then, the company estimates it has given almost $50 million to more than 10,000 small and independent businesses using Square merchant services.

The main use cases for this larger size of merchant are queue-busting services and to provide assisted selling. The solution design varies for these larger …

KOLKATA/BANGALORE: The Reserve Bank of India moved to close a loophole on Friday, saying that the rules need to be followed with respect to e-commerce

The IVR payment gateway accepts major credit and debit cards issued by VISA and Mastercard and the contact centre is operational seven-days-a-week from …

Payment Savvy LLC, a leading merchant account provider in the collections, credit, medical billing and accounts receivable industries, is pleased to announce …

A scheme which helps people to avoid being hit with late paymentcharges on their … system” when processing direct debits, standing orders and bill payments, …

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