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Here at North Payments we like to keep abreast of everything happening in the world of merchant services and secure payments. If it is something that will affect payment gateways, our customers, partners, shopping carts, and acquiring banks, we think you should know about it.

In Merchant services, what matters to you, matters to us.

We also understand that you are busy people, and there will be things you miss. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring to you all the news and views that matter in the world of eCommerce and payment processing.

Here is what has made us sit up and think over the last few days.

BitPay has introduced a new price plan that is free and unlimited for its basic bitcoin payments processing service.

For the most part that is true, but there are some differences, one of them being payment processing. Anytime I pay for anything down there I am baffled at how behind the times the retail stores are. Since my credit card has no …

It has been reported that the number of small business processing online orders as credit card merchants came down a significant 25% between 2010 and 2013.As a result they are now adopting third-party payment services.

From PayPal’s subsite on Mass Payments: (Paypal Mass Pay Site Screenshot) As you can see, PayPal has already imbued its service with much of the attributes that are being offered by the Bitcoin payment processors.

We are happy to recommend QMS as one of the best merchant service providers and would recommend talking to their experienced staff to learn more about the services that will best meet your current merchant account and payment …

Agreement enables Imdaad’s clients to use trade facilitator’s “Rosoom” online payment gateway. Imdaad, a leading provider of integrated facilities management (FM) solutions in the GCC, recently entered into an agreement with Dubai Trade, …

Google Analytics is tracking my payment gateway conversion as a referral. This is because we take the user to the payment gateway, eg PayPal, but bring them back to the site for the order confirmation page. With all the sites …

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